Study Tour 2017


Religion and Art

Focus: Ancient Rome and Papal Rome

Overview: Rome’s historical and artistic patrimony offers visitors over 3000 years of culture from fonts as diverse and intertwined as the pagan and the papal. This study tour explores these two great influences, the pagan and the papal at Rome, with focus on how their religious and artistic enterprises converge and interact, that is, how emperors and popes used the arts to manifest and propagate their religions, and how those fonts today remain an extraordinary source of human interest and inspiration.

Learning outcomes:

  1. How to read a Roman basilica

  2. How to engage with master artworks and interpret their religious and artistic form and content.
  3. How to ascertain transformation from pagan Roman buildings, monuments, statues, and artworks into Christian identities.

  4. Connect popes with their artists and artworks.

  5. Connect Pagan and Christian symbols throughout Rome

Dates & Itinerary TBA

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