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About the founder, Dr Christopher Longhurst S.T.D.

May 4, 2013

Christopher Evan Longhurst has lived in Rome since 1997 where his passion for art, architecture, history and religion brought to study. He received the Sacrae Theologie Doctoratus (Doctorate in Theology) summa cum laude from the Angelicum University, Rome, in April 2009, with a specialization is theological aesthetics. His dissertation was titled Dire Dio nell’arte: Riflessioni teologiche sulla pittura contemporanea, Eng. trans.: “To Speak of God in Art: Theological reflections on contemporary painting.” He currently works as a docent (operatore didattico) at the Vatican Museums, and occasionally teaches short courses at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Docent Led Itineraries

August 14, 2012


Sacra Sorgente itineraries are conducted by docents who are, above all, educators; the term “docent” being derived from the Latin docēre meaning “to teach”.


Sacra Sorgente docents are passionate and erudite instructors who lead discerning visitors through the city’s museums, art galleries and architectural spaces – particularly basilicas, temples and ancient houses, while delivering an unscripted, scholarly narrative on the sites, their history, artistic content, architectural integrity, and various meanings. The docent is generally a university lecturer specialized in a particular field, someone who has undergone intensive training geared towards advancing appreciation of specific artistic, cultural and historical exhibits at hand.


In many cases, the docents, in addition to their prescribed function as “guide”, also conduct research in their academic field. Such generally include Art Theory, Art History, Architecture, Architectural History, Archaeology, Religion, History of Religion, Theological Aesthetics, Political Science and History at large. The docent should have good communicative and interpretive skills as well as a thorough understanding of the specific exhibit with which he or she is engaged. The docent also provides reading lists and background resources to add to the basic information required to engage fully the theme of each itinerary. The docent keeps up-to-date with continuous scholarly information, reading, training and seminars. The docent is also usually multi-lingual.